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Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal is a simple device, essentially a motor that drives rotating impellers that in turn grind up food waste so it can be flushed down the sink drain. Simple problems are easy to fix; with a serious problem, you're usually better off replacing the entire unit. When you buy a new disposal, installation instructions are included.

But before you scrap your old disposal, check the manufacturer's warranty. Some warranties cover parts and labor for 5 years or more.

When using a disposal, be sure to flush it with plenty of water-two gallons per minute. If something has been put in the disposal that shouldn't have been, including metal, rubber, glass objects, or fibrous food waste such as artichokes and corn husks, shells, or large whole bones, use tongs or pliers to pull the material out. Never use your hand.

TIP: To clean a garbage disposal of built-up sludge and debris, fill it with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt, then run it for about five seconds. If your garbage disposal smells bad, you can deodorize it by running warm water down it while you grind a lemon.




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